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On Design

Monday Links

Alex Osorio

Two of my favorite blogs Swissmiss and ACupofJo usually post a Friday link pack. I love taking a break and seeing what they share but sometimes I need that pick-me-up on Mondays instead of Fridays. Maybe you do too dear reader? So I'll start posting a link pack on Mondays. Hope you have a lovely week:

You can set your html bkgd color to "chucknorris" and here's proof.

A fun reddit post on coming up with a word that’s a hex value that suits it’s color. For example, #F1eece is beige like lamb’s wool. #Cabb1e is a yellowish color. (not exactly cab color unless maybe the cab hadn’t been washed in awhile) And my favorite #Fabbbb is a pretty pink.

Test your site’s usability using Peek. (can’t believe this is free)

99% invisible puts out an excellent podcast. Listen here

After listening to episode 106: The Fancy Shape on 99% Invisible, I’m seeing quatrefoils everywhere.

Last week I posted about Photoshop exporting CSS code. So I was fascinated to read about the advantages of skipping Photoshop altogether and designing in the browser. Not sure I'm ready for that just yet. What about you guys?