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The Insightful Executive


Branding, Identity


Branding, Visual, UI + UX Design


Brandon Grotesque, Georgia

Sylvana Rochet is an executive coach unlike any other. Her approach to coaching combines warmth, strength and a no-nonsense attitude that will get you where you are meant to be. Sylvana is the founder of The Insightful Executive (TIE), a boutique coaching and consultancy firm based out of Brooklyn. TIE needed new branding that represented the depth of Sylvana's capabilities as a guide and mentor to those who want to use their leadership abilities to make the world and their workplace better.

We first explored three directions (left) in which we could take her brand based upon the one sentence message she needed to convey.

"Transforming the consciousness of leaders and decision-makers for a better society."

She explained that her target audience was more often than not affluent males with a leadership role in their organization but that she still wanted her brand to represent her strength and creativity.

From this we chose to explore the Hand-Crafted & Warm direction from Mood Board Two.

We took a minimal approach to her logo. Crafting a full length version that could be applied to business cards, print material and the web where space allowed. We also created a smaller abbreviated logo that could be used in tighter spaces such as mobile devices.

We recently used her completed branding to create a keynote deck for a class she is giving on "The Five Key Traits of Insightful Leadership" (below).

Slides for "Five Key Traits of Insightful Leadership" taught by executive coach Sylvana Rochet.